Payment Plans


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We understand that in the current climate the cost of courses can seem daunting and that finance is a major consideration. T.H.Equestrian course prices are in-keeping with the standards set by the Join-Up organisation and we will do everything we can to help ensure you are able to attend. This includes offering the option to break up the course fee into smaller, more manageable payments over a longer period of time.
T.H.E. are able to offer students the ability to split the course fee into monthly payments, plus the 50% deposit. This is in accordance with the regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. For more information please visit the relevant FCA page.

So, for example, the

  • Introductory Course of Horsemanship

    2 weeks – £1000

  • 50% deposit of £500 is paid before the course start date

  • Then 4 monthly payments of £125 within a 12 month period until the course fee is paid off.

  • The FCA has amended their policy and will now allow 12 payments within a 12 month period. T.H.E. are happy to offer this to existing clients and customers only. Please contact us for details and with any questions.