One-to-one Horse Behaviour training

“Violence is never the answer”Monty Roberts
  • Young-horse starting
  • Ground-manners
  • Long-lining
  • Trailer-loading issues
  • Feet & farriery issues
  • Owner/horse confidence
  • Biting, kicking, bucking, rearing etc – behavioural issues
  • Mounting difficulty & standing still
  • Spooking & desensitisation to scary objects
  • Re-starting the older horse
  • Rehabilitation after difficult past experiences

The horse world has come a long way since the days of extreme brutality and forceful measures (though these are still prevalent in many pockets of the world) but we still have further to go in terms of general education and true understanding of horse psychology. For the average owner, such constraints as lack of time or money present significant hurdles to overcome in seeking a real relationship with our horses. If you are looking for a way to connect with your horse and communicate with him in his own language – the language of EQUUS – then you have come to the right place.
Would you like your horse started/backed and ridden-away in the most low-stress, high-learning way possible? Monty’s technique has been demonstrated world-wide to audiences across the globe and is scientifically proven.
Perhaps you are experiencing behavioural issues with your horse and need practical solutions to help move forwards and create a partnership between you. A one-to-one training session in the form of a call-out is the ideal time to focus on your horse’s specific needs, taking your personal requirements into account. All our work is guaranteed to be:

  • non-violent, non-coercive, non-restrictive
  • based on the principles of Join-Up as a wider concept
    rooted in trust and shared communication
  • paced to suit each individual horse and human
  • a lasting solution as opposed to a ‘quick-fix’

Tessa has a lot of experience dealing with horses from a wide variety of different backgrounds, breeds, ages, sizes, shapes, colours and personalities, each with their own story to tell. She is available for call-outs upon request or longer-term training, please contact us for details.

“Let the horses do the talking”Monty Roberts


  • Individual call out charge: £45
  • Cost per hour thereafter: £30
  • Private one-to-one Join-Up, Long-Lining, Dually Halter use, Ground Manners, Desensitisation and more lessons: £50 per lesson inclusive of video footage of your lesson (upon request).
  • Remote lesson – video critique: £20 per clip, submitted online
  • Fuel Charge: 40p per mile